Full Impact MMA™


Will you be a one punch knockout specialist?
Maybe you prefer to make them beg for Mercy…

Either way, you’re here to Win!
Play Online or at Home, alone or with friends.
You are limited by your own imagination!

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Please take note; We’ve launched a Kickstarter for a revised version of the game!  The original game as presented here still plays fast and fun, so if you want to get your MMA on right now then carry on.  Otherwise check this link for the Kickstarter.

  • Start fresh with a clean record and a background in a Striking or Grappling sport of your choice.
  • Pick your moves, enter Tournaments and destroy the competition!
  • Advance your skills as you climb the ranks, honing your abilities with every victory!
  • Solo or 2+ Player

This is the Complete Game;
– FIMMA Original PDF (24 Page Core Rulebook)
– FIMMA HARDCORE! PDF (18 Page Rulebook)
– Havok’s Bootlegs PDF (47 Fighter Profiles)

FIMMA Original:

  • A lightning fast game with most action on your Fighter Profile Card.
  • There are additional Charts (2 Page Quick Reference) in the Rules Book for Injuries and Ref Stoppage situations.
  • Includes everything you need to create a Fighter Profile and advance skills as your fighters win!
  • Your Role is Event Organizer; pick and match up fighters, determine titles and let the dice decide the action.
  • Each Match lasts anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes; Full Tournaments can be rolled in 15 min or less!

FIMMA HARDCORE! Adds Detail to the Original Game:

  • Additional/Optional Rules for more detailed play.
  • Additional Fighter Profile Creation Rules
  • Grappling Positional Charts
  • Weight Classes and Making Weight Rules
  • Age Factors
  • Join Fight Camps, Hire Coaches and Cut Men
  • Gain Legend Status
  • Vastly expanded Injury System and Cheap Shot Chart

Havok’s Bootlegs:

  • A FREE collection of Fan Created Classic Era Fighter Profiles
    – 47 Profiles compatible with Original AND Hardcore Rulesets
    – can be seen and individually Downloaded on the Forum (although some links are no longer valid)

Visit the Forum Here to see some game action rollout!